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FiOS News One Roof Deployment Project Transcription

Shot of two news anchors at a large desk, speaking directly to the camera Anchor #2 says:

“Just in time for Veterans Day on Long Island, a family is getting a new roof on their home. That roof comes all thanks to a program to help veterans and first responders. Fios news Cecelia Dowd has that story:”

There is a reporter in front of a home, speaking directly to the camera, which then pans to Unified Window Systems, Inc. workers replacing a roof.

“A lesson in kindness in Levittown sergeant Anthony Weaver, his wife Rachel and their two kids now have a new roof on their home,”

Anthony and Rachel Weaver, in front of their home with their two kids, Rachel cradles a young child in her arms while another stands at her side.

Anthony Weaver: “It’s just been an incredible experience to serve, um, both as a citizen soldier in the army national guards, as well as a school teacher, I feel like I’m able to give back to kids directly as well as our nation as a whole.”

The reporter continues, “And now Owens Corning and UWS are giving back to him. Now this was all made possible as part of a fairly new program called the roof deployment project.”

Steven J. DiMare, C.E.O. of Unified Window Systems, Inc., in front of the Weaver home, speaking directly to the camera.

Steven J. DiMare, to the reporter who stands off camera,“Owens corning, and as well as Unified Window Systems, really feels it’s important to support not only our troops, but also the police departments, fire departments that really support us.”

Rachel Weaver on camera in front of her home, standing with her two children.

Rachel Weaver, to the reporter who stands off camera,“I never win anything, and I feel like this was a really big win for us”

Sergeant Weaver in front of his home, standing alone, looking up at the crew that is renovating his roof. The reporter narrates:

Sergeant Weaver says the new roof really means financial security and now more money can go toward the education of his little ones.

Rachel and Anthony Weaver in front of their home, with their kids. Rachel holding her young child, the other child stands at her side, kicking the ground out of boredom.

Rachel Weaver to the reporter: “You know, with the holidays coming and all the expenses of living on long island, there’s others things that we really need to do, so um, to not have to pay for a new roof is really excellent, and being on long island with hurricane that we’ll be protected for many many years because of this roof.”

Anthony Weaver, to the reporter: “This has been an incredible lesson for our kids, and even for the other kids in the neighborhood, to see that it wasn’t always the case that people were so supportive of Veterans and as an Iraq war veteran, I felt a tremendous outpour from our nation from local businesses.”

“Reporting from Levittown, Cecilia Dowd from fios new one” The reporter reiterates holding a microphone to her chin. The news desk that first appeared at the beginning of the video is pictured once more before the video ends.