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Aerial views of solar panels over an industrial park. Aerial view of residential houses, roofing, and then a manufacturing plant. Inside the manufacturing plant, employees walk among conveyors. 

Owens Corning has been a recognized leader in the building industry for over 75 years. Making us Americas most trusted roofing brand. And just like you, were proudly at work in your neighborhoods manufacturing roofing products and serving the needs of contractors right here. Two men hammering nails into wooden frames, behind them a Habitat for Humanity trailer. We are in the community, and for the community, committed to providing service you can count on as we go to market together. Owens corning invented fiberglass fibers, and it’s the same fiberglass reinforcements that revolutionized the roofing industry in 1965 with the introduction of the first fiberglass and asphalt roofing shingle improving durability and performance.Men on a roof laying down Owens Corning ProArmor deck defense.

And still today, in addition to being an industry leader in professional grade asphalt, we continue to be a leader in roofing innovation. Our products are engineered with the contractor and the homeowner in mind, like our duration series shingles featuring patented SureNail technology, which provides two times the bond strength, triple layer protection in the common bond area and an outstanding grip. Owens Corning Shingle being tested, side by side with a competing brand shingle, by a machine that applies heavy pressure. It does not break, but its competitor, snaps. Resulting in a product with benefits that are easy to see and speak clearly to homeowners. Making installation easy and providing extra adhesive power.Man and woman sitting at a kitchen table being shown shingle samples by a salesmen.

In our total protection roofing system, in integrated system of components and layers designed to seal, defend and breathe. Products roll down a conveyor belt, being checked by an employee. Giving you assurance that all components work together to deliver total protection, total confidence. Our shingles are built with the best ingredients, starting with the mat, the backside of a shingle. Owens corning fiberglass mat, combined with our proprietary technology, results in a core that’s thin and strong. Then we immerse the mat in a proprietary asphalt mix to provide a layer that holds the granules to the base sheet, and ultimately helps the shingle to shed water, and put it to the test for long term performance.

Woman in a lab coat holding a beaker.

The proprietary mix of mineral fillers blended into the asphalt helps add stiffness to the finished shingle when it hot, and strength when it’s cold, and adds fire-resistance. Close up aerial views of varying colored roofs, close up of a SureNail strip. Man stretching a SureNail strip, the strip failing to give way. Weather resistant ceramic coated granules applied to the top of the shingle not only bring beauty and color, but helps protect the asphalt from the damaging effects of UV. And during manufacturing, Owens Corning monitors hundreds of processes as an integral part of our quality platform, with running checks in 21 key categories, every two minutes. So each shingle is built to our tight quality standards, designed from the very beginning to be easy to install. Men, a crew of about 7, install ProArmor Deck Defense on a roof, then they are shown installing a starter shingle.

Owens Corning is part of the community, supporting you where you work and live, and has been for generations. We manufacture roofing products that are made right, right here. Thank you for trusting Owens Corning, we’re committed to winning your business by continuing to deliver on our promises, and our commitment to quality. We’re in your neighborhood, but we’re a global company with approximately 2,000 employees in 32 facilities worldwide, with 15 manufacturing facilities. We’re built for growth! And have the resources to support our strong brand, with expert training and marketing materials. Let’s build our companies, together.A diagram of Owens Corning Roofing System is displayed, followed by the image of a spool of SureNail strip material.