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Owens Corning Roofing Video: SureNail Technology

Paul DiMeo (Builder/TV Personality) Speaking:

“I’ve been building homes for over 30 years, there’s nothing like new technology, and Owens Corning has come out with new technology that goes into shingles that’s a game changer.”

Paul DiMeo interrupts two men standing adjacent to a plywood deck demonstration sample, having a conversation,

“Hey, Chuck you started without me!” Paul says to the two men, shaking their hands.

Man #1/Chuck: “Hey, sorry about that, how you doing?”

Man #2/Rob: “Hey how are you, Rob” Man #2 and Paul DiMeo shake hands.

Paul DiMeo: “Nice to meet you. This is very exciting! Right off the bat you come in here, you see the SureNail technology right there.” He says, touching the SureNail strip that lays prominently on the shingle.

Steve Naylor (Seagate Roofing) begins speaking, alone, directly to the camera: “SureNail technology is a process developed by Owens Corning, they actually take a cloth and embed it right into the nailing zone of a shingle.”

Rob Poettgen, alone, speaking directly to the camera: “There’s finally something in the commodity world of shingles that gives the homeowner something tangible to see as a difference”

Paul DiMeo: “There must be things that happen with shingles that are a constant problem, what are those things?”

Chuck: “Well, the bolt through is one of the most important things, and Rob can attest, if a nail goes through you have a couple of choices, right?”

Rob: “Yeah, a lot of times, you’re pulling the shingle off and starting again, and at a minimum, you’re driving most fasteners into it and just creating more holes. Yeah anything you can do to make sure the installation is right the first time, ends up being a cost savings.”

Paul, gesturing to the SureNail strip and underside of shingle, “You have one fabric and then these two laminates right there,”

Paul: “So, Chuck, that’s blow through and then we have pull through where the shingle gets pulled up, right over the end”

Chuck, interrupting: “Exactly yeah, we set up a little deck right over here to simulate that”

Trevor Pfeifer (Pfeifer Roofing), alone, speaking directly to the camera: “Nail pull through is when you have a force pulling the shingle up, where the nail will pull through the shingle, it’s not holding. And with the fabric, the SureNail technology, it’s going to restrict the nail from pulling through, it’s going to hold a lot tighter”

Paul (At the little roof deck made for simulating, pointing to a faint chalk line): “You can really see the old line, you had to hit that for you guarantee, right?”

Chuck, in regards to the same faint line, gesturing to and around: “To be honest, you can maybe see a little line, maybe two lines, maybe three, kindagotta guess where to nail. In this case, we got a shingle with just one nail line, put a couple nails in it. Go ahead and just simulate pull through,” He says, referring to the two sample shingles on the deck, one with SureNail strip, the other without.

Trevor rips the shingle off with relative ease, Chuck says, “That looked pretty easy.”

Trevor: “It was very easy,”

Chuck: “Go ahead and try the TruDef”

Trevor tries to pull it up with a few strong tugs, and says, “It’s a lot tighter,” All three men indiscernibly verbalize their approval.

Paul: “Is this something that you’d use, uh, to like bring a piece in and explain to the homeowner why you use it and why it’s different?”

Rob: “Yeah, we bring a piece of the shingle in and also, even just a sample of that SureNail strip, showing them that extra layer that’s on there, let them feel how strong it is.”

Paul hands Rob one end of a SureNail strip, holding the other end himself and both of them pulling the strip taut. Paul: “Hold that, Rob. I mean you know what I mean? You can really… Why are you so weak?!” Rob chuckles, as they briefly continue the back and forth tugging.

Paul, holding a shingle with SureNail strip, vertically toward the camera. “The other thing our SureNailing technology strip does is it makes for an easy installation. You can see the strip, I know right where I have to nail, four nails, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

Tom Elder (Seagate Roofing), alone, speaking directly to the camera: “As a contractor, it’s really good for us because we know our roofers are nailing in the right place, we’re not gonna get those call backs that are expensive to us, and you don’t want call backs on roofs.”

Rob: “SureNail technology helps with that, you know, with the cloth strip that’s embedded in the shingle, just another layer of protection to keep that nail where it should be.”

Paul Weiss (G & W Roofing), alone, speaking directly to the camera: “Owens Corning spent a lot of time designing this, because not only is it wind resistant, it also lays nice and flat. Because when we homeowner looks at a roof, they don’t want it to look like a wave,”

Mike Kennedy (Hilton Kennedy Co.), alone speaking directly to the camera: “It’s our job to educate the homeowner, that’s the difference between us and every other roofer. And if you take both products and set them side by side and show them these features, they’ll know they’re going to get a lot better product, and they’ll think they’re gonna get a lot better contractor, too.”

Steve Naylor, alone, speaking directly to the camera: “Anytime we can be different, or better, um it just, it’s an absolutely great selling feature.”

Paul DiMeo, speaking conversationally to Rob, Chuck and Trevor: “It’s so cool to see new technology in the building industry, and how it really, it became a game changer, I mean, who would want anything but this shingle? It really is the right choice.”

Trevor: “The biggest advantage a customer is going to get is just a product that is truly going to last, withstand the life of the whole warranty.”

Rob: “They know that they have a product that’s going to stand up to the install process, and then when it’s done, it’s done right, so that the roof will stay in place and give them the years of service that they expect.”

Mike Bricker (Old World Roofing), touching a TruDef shingle with SureNail strip that’s adhered to the deck sample: “With this shingle, the improvement is visible. We can lay our hands on it, we can show people how this is going to bring value to their roof.”

Trevor: “I don’t think there’s any other product on the market that, uh, is anywhere close to the SureNail technology.”

Paul DiMeo: “SureNail technology is the right choice, not just coming from me, but coming from the contractors out there who are putting them on roofs. Make the right choice, SureNail Technology.”