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Safe and Sound Windows​

Silent, Sleek, and Secure:

Safe & Sound Windows stand out as an industry leader from the many other manufacturers of windows in North America. Going beyond the standard Low-e and Argon filled glass, Safe & Sound windows contain Owens Corning’s patented air sealing technology as well as featuring laminated glass that prevents shattering. These key features help enhance energy savings, your homes overall security and eliminates any sound from disturbing you in your home. Our Safe & Sound window exceeds all industry testing, achieving the highest “Gold Label” award from The American Architectural Manufactures Association. These windows not only look great on the interior and exterior of your home, but also allows you to enjoy the peacefulness you deserve while staying protected from the elements.

Features and Details:

–  Laminated glass to protect you house adding another level of security to your home. The laminated glass is also shatter proof allowing you to know anything in your home will be safe and secure.

– A Quad Barrier, including highest performing Low-e & Argon Gas filled glass to keep the cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer better than any other glass in a window.

– Heavy Duty Dual Cam Locks and night locks add redundant levels of security… blocking entry into your home.

– Owens Corning critical weather-stripping has been tested to do 24% better in preventing air leakage than other windows.